Why a Ranch House Is the Best Rental Option for a Hill Country Vacation

Why a Ranch House Is the Best Rental Option for a Hill Country Vacation

Every moment in Texas is an opportunity to enjoy the wide-open skies and a vast range of outdoor landscapes, from towering trees to farmland and plains full of wildflowers. But Texas is so incredibly large that it’s impossible to reach every corner of the state. Instead, many Texans—and adventurers from other states and countries—can enjoy all the beauty of Texas within a single microcosm: Texas Hill Country. 

Stretching from Central Texas to the Rio Grande, Hill Country will take you on a journey through vineyards, beautiful cities with historic districts, hilly ranches, and deep forests. Planning a Hill Country vacation is an adventure where you can pick from a full range of experiences, activities, and settings, enjoying all the wondrous beauty that this Texas region has to offer. 

Just as important as the attractions you want to see and experience is where you want to hang your boots at the end of a busy and fun-filled day. With accommodation options ranging from traditional hotels where you can experience some true Texan hospitality to woodsy campgrounds to immerse yourself directly in the region’s rugged surroundings, there are no end of choices. 

But for a full and authentic Texas Hill Country experience, there’s no better option than a ranch house right in the middle of a picture-perfect naturescape.

What Kinds of Accommodations Can You Find in Texas Hill Country?

Because Texas Hill Country is so diverse, you can find a wide range of accommodations catering to all needs and tastes dotted across the region. The cities, towns, and stretches of wilderness across the area are home to hotels, Airbnbs, camping options, and plenty of scenic resorts that can suit the style of any traveler. It can be overwhelming with so much to choose from! 

One of the best ways to narrow down your search for a vacation destination is to start with the destination itself. If you’re traveling from one of Texas’s bustling metroplexes—Austin, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio, for example—then there’s no better section of Hill Country than Fredericksburg. Explore wineries and vineyards, fun shopping in their downtown district, and plenty of gorgeous nature that includes forests, hills, wide open parks, and pleasant streams. See everything from towering oaks to flowering cacti, enjoy local wines, and explore all the fun of Hill Country.

Some types of accommodations in this area include:

  • Big chain hotels—Texas is home to a sprawling interstate system. If you’re looking for the familiar or need to use up some hotel and travel points, you’ll find familiar hotel brands scattered around the highways.
  • Short-term rentals—If Airbnb or Vrbo is your favorite way to explore a new region, you’ll find some clusters of available houses in and around Fredericksburg.
  • Rustic cabins and campgrounds—When you come to Hill Country for camping, you’ll find a wide range of options tucked into beautiful parks. Come with your RV, bring a tent, or check out the cabins available for serious hikers, fishers, and campers.
  • Luxury ranch houses—When you want your accommodations to be part of the experience instead of just a home base, there’s nothing better than a beautiful ranch house. You can experience the best of Texas design in a roomy indoor space and on an expansive patio.

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As you search, we recommend looking at multiple different factors that can turn your vacation from some fun memories into a complete experience. Consider:

  • Comfort—After a long day of walking in the woods or down historic streets, you’ll want a cozy place where you can kick up your feet but not have the day end just yet. 
  • Convenience—Texas Hill Country is indescribably big. If you’re a Texas native, you may already have your fill of hour-long drives during your daily commute. So find a location that’s near (or even in) where you want to spend your time. And if you’re hitting up multiple locations, find somewhere that’s located nicely between them all.
  • Pictures—Whether you’re an Instagram fan or you love having vacation pictures in your albums and on your walls, look for a place that has the backdrop you want. Forests, a cozy fire, sitting in a rocking chair…the right rental option will be perfect for both staged photos and candids.
  • The occasion—Special events should be somewhere special, not just something special. If you’re heading out for an anniversary trip, a noteworthy vacation, or a family get-together, choose something a little out of the ordinary to make it even more memorable.

Features You’ll Love in a Luxury Ranch House

When you’re vacationing in Texas, there’s no better choice than a ranch house tucked in Hill Country to give you the full experience.

Beautiful Surroundings Viewed From Every Location—Both Inside and Out

Wake up to a gorgeous sunrise peeking over the hills without having to worry that you chose a room with a bad view. Luxury ranch houses have big windows so you can enjoy a sweeping view from your bedroom, the kitchen as you start your day with a cup of coffee, and the patio as you step outside for a breath of fresh air.

Texas Hill Country is nature done right, so you can enjoy green plains, vibrant woods with trees that cover the hillside, and big, beautiful skies. Go for a walk, relax around a fire and take in the sights, or look up at the stars at night—with the right ranch house, you don’t even have to worry about light pollution from the big cities blocking your view of the Milky Way.

Enough Room for Everyone

Nothing puts a damper on a vacation like being too cramped—especially during the hottest months of summer. Hotel rooms can easily get a little tight, with luggage getting all mixed up, no privacy, and everyone having to make room for each other. With a ranch house, everyone can have their own room, their own bathroom, and even their own seat at a dining room table. For bigger get-togethers with extended family, this kind of space even lets everyone double up without losing elbow room.

Luxurious Amenities

We’re firm believers that accommodations should be part of the luxury vacation experience, not something you have to make do with so you can reach all of the other fun parts of vacation. But a beautiful ranch house becomes part of the vacation experience. 

You can chat and play games in a spacious living room or dining room, you can sit around a fire on a covered patio that’s all yours, and you can even grill and cook—the Fredericksburg area is home to delicious produce and locally farmed meat that’s perfect for a family barbecue. For longer vacations, even handling laundry becomes more relaxing because you have the space to do it on your own terms.

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Of course, with a Hill Country ranch house, the amenities aren’t just within the four walls or under the roofed areas. Look for a place with a relaxing hot tub, a fun pool for the whole family, and on-site games like golf on a putting green or a round of horseshoes.

Privacy and Space You Rarely Get on Vacation

Having enough space in your accommodations is a treat during a vacation. But having space all to yourselves without other vacation-goers on the other side of the walls is even better. A ranch house is a stand-alone option surrounded by gorgeous grounds, footpaths, and enjoyable features that give you extra space and privacy away from the bustle of other people going about their own business trips or vacations. 

Vacation in a Ranch House Is a Fun, Family-Friendly Experience

Organizing a family vacation involves a lot of logistics, and no one wants to stay trapped in a hotel room. With a ranch house, especially at a camp surrounded by lots of space and activities, you won’t feel the crunch. 

People can hang out and relax together in the mornings, there’s plenty of space to luxuriate in while you wait for everyone to get ready (without feeling like you’re waiting), and everyone can enjoy their own activities—and preferred pace of life. Kids can enjoy the pool or backyard, vacationers can stay out of the splash zone in the hot tub, and you are free to walk around, play a fun game, or photograph the local wildlife. 

While you can indulge in plenty of sightseeing at Fredericksburg, plan a scheduled outing to a vineyard, hike around the beautiful Enchanted Rock State Park and get everyone together for big group activities, a ranch house also gives the option for everyone to split up into smaller groups and enjoy their own favorite things whenever they want.

Go Camping…Without the Camping

Texas Hill Country has an abundance of outdoor options. Whether you’re in the mood for a long hill hike, exploring Texas’s natural parks, hunting, fishing, or birdwatching— there is no better way to enjoy these activities than when completely immersed in breathtaking scenery. However, if you love the outdoors but still want to come home to air conditioning and a real kitchen, a ranch house is the answer. That way, you don’t have to sacrifice your creature comforts to appreciate all that camping has to offer.

Enjoy Your Hill Country Vacation in a Gorgeous Ranch House at Camp Hideaway

Want a Texas Hill Country vacation that puts you near Fredericksburg and in the middle of breathtaking naturescapes—while still having all the luxury amenities of a resort? Camp Hideaway offers vacation-goers picture-perfect rentals for fun vacations of any size, duration, or occasion. Our on-site ranch house can sleep up to eight guests in a spacious house with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and mini bar, and a charming covered patio. Take in the beautiful sights and enjoy coming home to your own private ranch house. Reach out today to book your scenic ranch house getaway, or explore our other stunning vacation accommodations in Texas Hill Country.

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